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Do you want a sunless sun kissed glow all year round? At Adeva – The Art of Beauty we offer the highest quality spray tans to deliver beautiful, healthy, natural looking tans.

We use the Australian owned Moroccan Tan in the colour Coco. It is infused with Argan Oil, leaving the skin feeling soft and nourished whilst igniting its natural glow. It is GREEN based, so no orange tones. Sulphate and paraben free. The long lasting non-oily, non-sticky formula is a quick drying 2 hour spray tan, delivering flawless, streak-free results every time. For darker results, leave on the skin for up to 6 hours.

Please follow these instructions carefully. Non compliance will result in an uneven tan.

We endeavour to apply the tan to all areas of your body. If some areas are sprayed darker, or layered by us, this will not result in a darker shade in that area,  it is purely a guideline for us to ensure we have covered every area of your skin with the tanning solution. Please do not ask for 2 coats. Our tan does not work like that. The longer you leave on, the darker it will go BUT the faster it will fade. Our recommendation is you leave on for 2 hours. 

If after you rinse your tan and your tan is patchy, uneven or darker in certain areas, it is because of the condition or texture of your skin. Exfoliation prior is essential for an even tan.

If is is raining, please wear long sleeves and long pants and bring an umbrella. Water on your tan will result in water marks.

  • Ensure all hair removal (waxing or shaving) has been actioned at least 24 hours prior to having your tan
  • Exfoliate with a gentle exfoliant 24 hours prior
  • On the day of your tan, do not apply moisturizer, deodorant or perfume
  • Wear loose fitting clothing and remove all jewellery
  • Come freshly showered

After tanning

  • The Moroccan tan requires 2 hours to develop
  • During this development time, avoid any liquids coming in contact with your skin. Avoid showering, swimming or any physical activity that may cause perspiration, and if it is raining on the day of your tan, come prepared with full clothing and an umbrella.
  • After 2 hours you may have a quick shower. Allow nothing on the skin except water. Refrain from washing your hair or using any body washes. After showering pat your skin dry with your towel. The tan may appear to be washing off with your shower, but do not panic, this is normal and will be fully developed in approximately 8 hours where you can then shower, wash your hair and apply moisturiser
  • Always moisturise daily to help the tan last 
Spray Tan$39
Spray Tan 4 pack – valid for 3 months$99
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